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beef_organic_henrietta GRASSFED BEEF

We believe that to keep a healthy herd of cattle, you need lots of healthy grass. By managing our pastures with care, we are able to improve our fields, while maintaining the well being of our cows.The key to growing growing good cows is growing great grass.

Because grass is so essential to a sustainable cattle herd, we are happy to extend our biodynamic practices to all of our pastures and maintain our organic certification of not only our cows, but also our pasturelands, and all of our harvested hay. The certifications we maintain are for the benefit of our customers. Routine farm visits from organic inspectors provide extra assurance that our beef is humanely and sustainably produced on chemical-free pastures.

organic_cows_Biodynamic_beef_solar OUR COWS

Our herd of Dexter/Galloway cross cattle are raised humanely and compassionately. We know each of them by name and personality.

They are peaceful animals, although the newborn calves are very playful and they all show signs of merriment and celebration when they enter a new field of fresh grass. CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM ON YOUTUBE

Visitors have said that they appear to be happier than most cows, and why shouldn't they be? They have nearly a mile of river valley to themselves, and they spend most days on lush, fertile riverbottom fields, with constant access to naturally mineralized sea salt and fresh spring water.




Our beef is sold in St. Louis at Maude's Market, and in Mt. Home Arkansas at The Truck Patch
We will ship to other locations, and we are willing to deliver on certain occasions, If you are in St. Louis, or near hwy 44, contact us and we may be able to meet up with you with your requested order.

Keep in mind that for shipping long distances, a certain volume is required to keep the package fully frozen. we have found that 25lbs or more when packed in styrofoam and wrapped in insulated maylar can stay frozen up to 48 hours.

For more information on ordering, Click HERE



A bull calf, one day old!

























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